Featurespace, world leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics

Featurespace is co-founded by Dave Excell, developer of innovative behavioural prediction software, and Professor Bill Fitzgerald, Professor of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing at Cambridge University.

Featurespace is pioneering a new generation of behavioural change identification algorithms to understand individual and group behaviour in real time, and calculate human interaction events before they occur. Simply put, we predict the future.

The company was created in 2005 from the development of a fundamentally new mathematical approach to modelling complex systems. We combine this with machine learning expertise to create Adaptive Behavioural Analytics, the future of predictive data analysis.

Featurespace incorporates world-leading innovation from Cambridge University into its unique Adaptive Real-time Individual Change Identification (ARIC) engine. ARIC delivers real-time behavioural change identification software to solve some of the world’s most commercially-significant problems.

To continually remain on the emergent edge of IT development, Featurespace employs Cambridge University’s brightest software engineers, data analysts, and researchers, combined with the best of commercial and industrial IT experience.

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Featurespace is backed by institutional investors Imperial Innovations and Nesta, as well as by Europe’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, Dr Mike Lynch, former CEO and Founder of the UK’s most profitable software company, Autonomy and Dr Robert Sansom, former-CTO and co-founder of Fore Systems.

Featurespace’s award-winning software solutions will revolutionise your organisation’s data analysis. Find out how.

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