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Prevent fraud, manage risk, demonstrate compliance

World-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics

Featurespace’s pioneering machine learning solution puts each one of your customers at the centre of deep behavioural understanding. Our real-time, self-learning Adaptive Behavioural Analytics understands individual and group behaviours. Prevent both new and known fraud types as they occur, manage conduct risk, and reduce friction during customer experience by accepting more genuine transactions.

“When none of the world’s other existing fraud providers could solve our fraud problem, we ran a proof of concept with Featurespace. In 2008 they built our fraud system. We renewed our contract for a further five years at the end of 2013 and remain a very happy customer and investor.” Head of Fraud, Betfair

We focus on a flexible, client-centric approach. Our unique ARIC™ system is implemented, tried, tested, and working globally for a number of highly innovative organisations.

From fighting new fraud attacks in real-time for Zapp, KPMG and Betfair, to monitoring responsible gambling and improving customer experience in Financial Services, Gaming and Insurance, Featurespace is enabling global businesses to protect and serve their customers.

“Up until now, there has been a concern over mobile payments and just how secure mobile is, here we are providing the solution.” 

David Emsworth, Head of Risk and Compliance, Zapp

Named as one of Strategy Eye’s ‘Top 10 Companies to Watch’, Featurespace’s Adaptive Behavioural Analytics monitors customers and merchants from any device, product, or channel to manage fraud, risk and compliance.

Find out more about our solutions for Financial Services, Insurance and Gaming.

“When we saw the model Featurespace created, and the accuracy of its predictions, it was both powerful and a little bit spooky. These are dangerously smart people. You really want them on your side.”

Charles Cohen, GTECH Vice President, Mobile

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