World-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics

Pioneering new machine learning techniques to spot anomalies in real-time, Featurespace’s self-learning approach understands individual and group behaviours to prevent more fraud and manage risk, while providing a frictionless experience for genuine customers.

From fighting fraud with Zapp, KPMG and Betfair, to providing targeted customer insights to Financial Services and Insurance organisations, Featurespace is delivering next-generation fraud prevention and customer management to global businesses.

Named as one of Strategy Eye’s ‘Top 10 Companies to Watch’, Featurespace is capable of monitoring customers and merchants from any device, platform, or channel, enabling businesses to truly understand customer behaviour, right down to an individual level, empowering organisations to focus on genuine customers, while protecting brands from the reputation and revenue damage caused by fraud.


“Up until now, there has been a concern over mobile payments and just how secure is mobile, here we are providing the solution.”

David Emsworth, Head of Risk and Compliance, Zapp

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Featurespace’s clever algorithms and analytics may have the potential to change the way whole industries interact with their customers. The company is another exciting example of British technology and its potential to change the game.”

Tim Luke, special business adviser to David Cameron

“We asked Featurespace to do some predictive modelling for us of some customer behaviour which we thought was, well, inherently unpredictable. We expected failure but then we saw the model they created from our sample data, and the accuracy of its predictions. It was both powerful and a little bit spooky. These are dangerously smart people. You really want them on your side.”

Charles Cohen, GTECH Vice President, Mobile

“This is the first company that has given us meaning and actionable insights into our customers. Featurespace’s unique approach to predicting customer behaviour has been chosen to help our drive to gain competitive advantage from our large and complex data bases.”

Head of Consumer Insight, IG Group